Siemens: The Crystal, A Sustainable Cities Initiative


Siemens: The Crystal, A Sustainable Cities Initiative


Working with AllofUs, we were commissioned by Siemens to design and develop seven individual exhibits for ‘The Crystal’; the world’s largest exhibition focused on urban sustainability. 

This permanent exhibition space, which is located at the Royal Victoria Dock in east London, aims to provide a hub for dialogue between city decision-makers, politicians, urban planners, architects and infrastructure experts as well as the local community.

I worked on the interaction design of four of commissioned exhibits. 

What’s The Problem? is an interactive game that aims to teach visitors about the challenges of renewable energy. Consisting of four networked terminals, the interactive invites visitors to physically enact this challenge by performing certain movements at varying intensities in order to maintain a balance between the fluctuating demand and availability of renewable energy. 

Get the Balance Right consists of a CGI-animated story, informing visitors of how a Smart Grid system will enable future cities to collectively generate, pool and distribute renewable energy in order in order to meet the cities variable demands.

Have Your Say invites visitors to answer a series of speculative questions concerning our current and future approaches to climate change. Each answer is fed into a pool of previous answers, allowing visitors to see how their responses correspond to those of previous visitors. 

Why Demographics Matter consists of a series of interactive sequences that visitor’s access via a panoramic touch-screen. The exhibit offers access to a wealth of data concerning the global and local effects of demographic changes to a region. By selecting a continent from a world map visitors are able to see how its population and demographic makeup has changed over the course of the last 150 years, and what the forecast changes are for the next 50 years. As well as presenting this macro perspective, the exhibit allows visitors to read a series of intimate stories told from the perspective of those individuals living in that region. 

I was responsible for the content development, and interaction direction of these project.