PLAY - MFA Scenography Exhibition



I have just finished producing a group show at the Hackney Showroom.  

Taking the form of an exhibition, PLAY showcases the work of four international artists, graduating from the MFA Scenography course at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. Over the course of two days, the exhibition presents a diverse body of work, ranging from set design, installation, and live art, which explores the dynamic and innovative interplays between the body, space and time.

PLAY deploys and mobilises the triple meaning of its title: as an activity engaged in for enjoyment; a piece of performance that tells its story through situations that imitate human life; and a framework for creation and creativity through manipulation of space and the elements that compose it. In doing so, PLAY synchronously becomes both a theatrical performance as well as an experimental ground in which the four artists manipulate and work with various materials, spaces and techniques.…